An Overview of Sciatica from Optimal Health Matters

At Optimal Health Matters, we have worked hard to make sure that our integrated health studio and wellness studio uses natural health care to help people looking for a chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, CO. One of the many issues that a chiropractor can handle is sciatica. Take a look at how we can help you with this issue.


What Is Sciatica?

For those who might not know, sciatica is the medical term used to describe impingement of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It runs down the back before dividing into two as it flows down the legs. If someone has sciatica, there are a few common symptoms that might develop. It is important to address these symptoms so that people know what to look for when they go and visit a chiropractor for help.

The Symptoms of Sciatica

If someone has developed sciatica, there are a few common symptoms that might start to show up. One of the most common is leg pain. This pain is likely going to start in the back and then flow down into the legs. This happens because this is the root of the sciatic nerve. Inflammation of the sciatic nerve causes irritation that runs the length of the nerve. This can cause people to feel weakness, numbness, or tingling in their legs. Another common symptom of sciatica is back pain. This back pain can restrict the range of motion of the back, causing people to have trouble with their overall mobility. Sufferers of sciatica may think that they need to take a bunch of prescription medications. Fortunately, this is not always the case.

The Treatment of Sciatica

If someone visits a chiropractor for sciatica treatment, there are a few options available. A chiropractor might use spinal decompression, manipulation, and adjustments to increase the amount of space around the sciatic nerve. By increasing the amount of space around the nerve, irritation of the sciatic nerve can be relieved. This can bring immediate relief to someone who is suffering from sciatica.

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